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New study practices. Survey on the use of new and old technologies among university students

Ilaria Marchionne, Rudi Bartolini, Taisa Rodrigues Dantas


In a context of “widespread communication”, supported by new tools and work environments, study practices also change, profoundly transforming students’ habits and behaviors. The research in question intends to investigate and describe, through a narrative inquiry process, the study practices of university students, making reference to the integrated use they make of old and new modes of communication, of traditional texts and of digital platforms and tools among the most famous and widespread. The research focuses in particular on the relationship that, through the new tools, is established between the student and the teacher, between the student and colleagues and between the student and the study texts. The analysis aimed at describing new habits, will try to demarcate advantages and difficulties related to the use of digital and to analyze, specifically, how the use of new communication methods or new forms of textuality can favor or inhibit communication within the university environment.

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