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NOvation brings together colleagues from all over the world who seek a critical and historical approach to innovation and political phenomena related to S&T.

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Fifth Issue: Perspectives on innovation governance: challenges and dilemmas.

Table of Contents

1. Monica Edwards-Schachter and Hector Gonzalo Ordoñez-Matamoros 

Editorial Presentation: Perspectives on innovation governance – challenges and dilemmas, pp. 1-8.

2. Juan Pablo Centeno and Mario A. Pinzón-Camargo

I bet you don´t look good on the dance floor: Re-examining the innovation policy dance metaphor in the case of Colombia, pp. 9-30.

3. Mario Andrés Pinzón-Camargo, Juan Pablo Centeno, Ernesto Andrade-Sastoque and Gonzalo Ordóñez-Matamoros

Logics and Enablers of Transformative Innovation Policies in the Global South: The case of Appropriation of Science and Technology Policy, pp. 31-55.

4. Thomas Völker, Rasmus Slaattelid and Roger Strand

Transformative Translations? Challenges and tensions in territorial innovation governance, pp. 56-85. 

5. Nurgül Özbek, Linus Johansson Krafve, Hans Kjellberg and Ebba Sjögren

Markets for Promoting Innovation in Health Care? A Market Practice Study of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), pp. 86- 114.

6. Isabelle Falardeau

(Social) In-NOvation in protected and touristic territories, pp. 115- 146.



Thematic Issue in the making -- Call for Papers_“Critical approaches to innovation and alternative policy models for innovation.”


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We welcome papers that address issues such as:

– the critique towards and the alternatives to neoliberal forms of innovation; 

– the influence of the critique of innovation in shaping alternative models of public policy; 

– x-innovation agenda-setting in local and national contexts; 

– the governance of different ‘x-innovation’ policy frameworks;

– fostering new practices for alternative innovation regimes; 

– measuring and evaluating the impacts of x-innovations; 

– designing specific policy tools to promote alternative innovation; 

– policy initiatives and experiments based on counter-hegemonic approaches to innovation;

and other topics related to this broad theme.

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NOvation Forum 2024


The 2nd NOvation Forum will be held from September 4-6 - «Reimagining Innovation for the Public Good» this year's edition aims to bring together a diverse group of thinkers across the globe to challenge and expand the prevailing narratives in innovation.

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