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Counting of somatic cells in milk of Marechal Cândido Rondon city producers, Paraná State, Brazil

G. C. Braga, A. L. Brietzke, J. S. Araújo, R. C. Garcia, E. C. T. M. Peixoto


The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of the productive profile of the producers and the seasonal period on the counting of somatic cells in formal milk from Marechal Cândido Rondon city producers, in Paraná State. The productive profiles had been established with the data of the milk daily production of 1580 producers registered in cadastre of FRIMESA dairy industry in 2004, as the following intervals: less than 50; 50 and 100; 100 and 250; 250 and 400; and bigger than 400 For the study of the influence of the productive profile, the following intervals of CCS had been used: less than 0,4x106; 0,4x106 and 0,75x106; 0,75x106 and 1,0x106; and bigger of 1,0x106 In regard to the study on the influence of the seasonal period, the values of CCS had been transformed in somatic cells scores for accomplishment of the statistical analyses. From the showed producers, 7.9% had not taken care of to the current regulation for the CCS, therefore they had presented flocks with milk above of 1,0x106 The increase of the productive profile, in liters of milk legalized per day, implied in the increase of the percentage of flocks with milk presenting counting above of 1,0x106 For the climatic conditions of the city, milk displayed greater counting of somatic cells in the summer. The majority of producers (65%) presented productive profile less than 100 liters of legalized milk for day.


sanidade; produção; sazonalidade; higiene; bovino; beef cattle; health; production; seasonality; hygiene; bovine