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s Pearl millet or orghum diets with amino acids supplementation for finishing pigs

V Oliveira, E T Fialho, J A F Lima


One experiment was carried out at theAnimal Science Department at University of Lavras in order
to evaluate the performance and carcass characteristics for finishing pigs fed with rations formulated with pearl
millet or sorghum supplemented with amino acids. A total of 27 barrows with mean weight of 69.0 ± 2.8 kg were
distributed in the following treatments: 1) rations formulated based on corn and soybean meal; 2) ration
formulated based on millet plus L -lysine and 3) ration formulated based on sorghum plus L-lysine and Lthreonine.
All experimental rations were supplemented with vitamins and minerals. The data shown that the pigs
fed with rations based on corn and soybean meal had better final weight, weight daily gain, fed intake and better
feed conversion (P<0.05) in relation to those pigs fed rations based only in sorghum. The pigs fed rations based
in pearl millet shown intermediate performance results and did not show any difference (P>0.05) among other
treatments tested. The variables loin eye muscle and weight of ham yield did not show any difference (P>0.05)
among the treatments evaluated. The pigs fed rations based on sorghum shown lower backfat tickness in
relation to those fed pearl millet (P>0.05). Therefore the control pigs group shown backfat thickness intermediate
results and similar (P>0.05) to the others experimental groups. According to the results the rations based on
pearl millet supplemented with amino acids decrease performance of pigs. However sorghum, L-lysine and Lthreonine
can be used for decrease backfat tickness of finishing pigs.


Alimentos alternativos; nutrição animal; restrição energética; animal nutrition; energy restriction; feedstuffs