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Sodium Monensin In Intake and Apparent Digestibility of the Neutral Detergent Fiber and Acid Detergent Fiber of the Diet in Sheep

J S Araújo, J R O Pérez, V Oliveira, G C Braga, E C T M Peixoto


The aim of the present research work was to evaluate the effect of the addition of sodium
monensin in the diet of sheep in regard to the intake and the coefficients of apparent digestibility of of
neutral and acid detergent fibers (CDNDF, CDAF)). A total of 16 non pregnant and non lactating ewes, with an
average weight of of 55.11 3.11 kg were distributed in a completely randomized design with four treatments (0;
25; 50 and 75 mg of monensine/animal/day). The experimental animals were fed with a basic diet of
sugar cane, soybean meal, grain of corn and a mineral mixture. It has been found a significant effect of the
monensin levels on the intake of both the neutral and the acid detergent fibers form the diet. No statistical
differences has been found in regard to the coefficiets of digestibility between the treatments. However, it has
been found that the levels of sodium monensin used in the experiment had diminished the intake and the
coefficients of apparent digestibility of both FDNand FDA.


fibra; ionóforos; pequenos ruminantes; fiber; ionophores; small ruminants