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(Potentiality of tannins used in forages conservation and ruminant nutrition)-a review

S. G. Oliveira, T T Berchielli


This review present a discussion abouth the tannins. The tannins are compounds that have the
ability to bind other macromolecules, reducing their availability to animal metabolism. This characteristic can be
benefic or deleterious, depending on the tannin concentration degree in the plant and its structure. Positive
effects are mainly related with a better use of the dietary protein and an increased efficiency of microbial protein
synthesis in the rumen. The use of tannins to reduce ruminal methane emission has been subject of current
researches, firmly indicating a decrease of ruminal methanogenesis. However, many of these studies, carried
out to evaluate the effects of tannins on forage fermentation and animal metabolism, are based on legume
plants, so their results can not be surpassed to studies concerning tanniniferous grasses. By improving the
characterization of the profile and reactivity of tannins in tanniniferous forages, such as some sorghum hybrids,
as well as conducting experiments to demonstrate the effects of tannins on animal metabolism and performance,
the real potential of forages with tannin will be enlightened.


metabolismo; metano; polifenóis; ruminantes; tanino condensado; metabolism; methane; polyphenols; ruminants; condensed tannin