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Apparently digestibility of two hybrids corn, cut in different highs, submitted to silage

P. Rossi Junior, A. C. Fugisawa, A. L. B. Schogor, G. B. Muraro


Due the increasing utilization of corn silage for animal feeding whit high performance, this experiment objective was evaluates the total digestibility of silage elaborated whit two varieties of corn (AG 1051 floury and AG 2020 flint), cutting in 20 and 40 centimeters of soil. Were utilized 8 animals without defined race, divided in two blocks, composing a factorial model. Tukey test was used to compare treatments means, significance level of 5%. The digestibility was calculated with the total collection of excrete/feaces. Was estimated
values of total digestibility of dry matter (DM), ether extract (EE), crude protein (CP), acid detergent fiber (ADF) and neutral detergent fiber (NDF). Digestibility of DM, EE, CP and NDF was higher for AG 1051 cutting in 40 cm, and the ADF no present significant differences
between treatments (P < 0.05). The utilization of floury hybrids and higher cutting height was suggested.


híbridos; milho; textura farinácea; textura dura; silagem; corn; hybrids; floury; flint; silage