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Physical and behavioral disturbance in aging dogs and cats

E. P. Freitas, S. C. Rahal, R. B. Ciani


Senescence is a process that extends from birth until death, and refers to the dysfunction that occurs with aging. The aim of this study is to make a survey of the main physical and behavioral changes, as
well as to establish the correlation between the body weight and type of food in 63 dogs and 27 cats over 8 years old. It was possible to conclude that the obesity was the most frequent physical disturbance. Among the behavioral changes, anxiety and aggressiveness were
the most prevalent. The commercial pet food combined to home made diet was the principal type of food provided by the owners, and this food was the most ingested by the obese animals.


idoso; alimento; comportamento; cães; gatos; aging; food; behavior; dogs; cats