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Some viability parameters from equine spermatozoa harvested by artificial vagina and by epididymal tail washing

P. R. Maradás, R. R. Weiss, L. E. Kozicki, L. C. Granemann, I. W. Santos, C. T. Pimpão


In the present experiment ,10 sires had been used with the objective to evaluate some parameters of spermatic viability from sperm collected either by artificial vagina or by epididymis tail washing. The collected semen was separated in three groups: a) the harvested with artificial vagina; b) the collected by the washing of the left epididymal tail; c) the sample collected by the washing of the right epididymal tail. The parameters considered for the evaluation of the spermatic viability were: resistance test at 5°C of the spermatozoa harvested
with artificial vagina; total motility; gradual motility; vigor; acrossoma patologies (all groups). It has been found that the spermatozoa harvested with artificial vagina differ significantly (p<0.05) from the
epididymal harvested spermatozoa. No differences have been found between the behaviour of spermatozoa from the right and the left spididymis.


epidídimo; espermatozóides; orquiectomia; garanhão; sêmen; epididymis; semen; spermatozoids; stallion; orchiectomy