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Characterization of plant-based protein sources for use in canine and feline nutrition

Lauren M. Reilly, Patrick C. von Schaumburg, Patrick C. von Schaumburg, Jolene M. Hoke, Jolene M. Hoke, Gary M. Davenport, Gary M. Davenport, Pamela L. Utterback, Pamela L. Utterback, Carl M. Parsons, Carl M. Parsons, Maria R.C. de Godoy, Maria R.C. de Godoy


The objective of this study was to determine the macronutrient composition and standardized amino acid digestibility of 14 novel, plant-based, protein sources. The 14 protein sources are comprised of protein concentrates (pea, potato, faba bean, yeast, and soy concentrates), pulses (garbanzo beans, navy beans, black beans, lentils, and peas), and byproducts (corn gluten meal, peanut flour, soybean meal, and soy flakes). Macronutrient compositions and a complete amino acid profile were analyzed for all 14 protein sources. Cecectomized roosters (n=4/treatment) were utilized in a precision-fed rooster assay to measure standardized amino acid digestibility and true metabolizable energy corrected for nitrogen (TMEn). The roosters were precision-fed 30g of a 1:1 ratio of an ingredient and corn mixture. Excreta was collected after 48h, freeze-dried, and analyzed for a complete amino acid profile. Due to the high amino acid digestibility and well-balanced essential amino acid profiles, these plant-based proteins have the potential to become viable protein sources in canine and feline diets.


Plant proteins, Cecectomized roosters, Digestibility

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