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Macroscopic and histological gastric mucosa of Wistar rat model and its use in gastric ulcers

Camilo Amaro de Carvalho, Kenner Moraes Fernandes, Sérgio Luis Pinto da Matta, Claudio César Fonseca, Rogério Pinto, Leandro Licursi de Oliveira


The search of new drugs and the use of animal experimentation has been contributing excessively to the development of the health, of the science and technology, promoting along the years the discovery of measured prophylactic and treatments of illnesses that attack the human beings. Animals of several species have been used from the origins of the civilization for the scientific development, but among all of the experimental models to the which peptic ulcers can be induced, the rats Wistar, doubtless, is the used. The objective of this work was to accomplish an anatomical and histological description of the stomach of rats Wistar seeking to increase knowledge on it is species, and allowing larger access to the scientific community that he/she makes use of the species in peptic ulcer model.


anatomia; <i>Rattus norvergicus</i>; patologia veterinária; anatomy; <i>Rattus norvergicus</i>; veterinary pathology