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Frequency of antibodies anti-Leptospira spp in cattle herds of dairy in basin Caparaó, state of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Kelvinson Fernandes Viana, Marcos Santos Zanini, Elvio Carlos Moreira


Were collected 330 serum samples from cattle from 55 dairy farms in the basin Caparaó, State of Espirito Santo, tested by the method of Soroaglutinação microscopic (SAM) for eight serovars, found a frequency of 12.42% (41) of animals positive for at least one serovar. Hardjobovis presented himself as the most frequent between the positive samples (12.42%), followed by Bolivia hardjo sample (9.69%), hardjo Lagoon sample (9.09%), hardjo Standard (6.36%), WHO hardjo (6.06%) and Wolff (2.42%), no any positive reaction to serovars pomona and hebdomadis. The results showed that hardjobovis priority problem is the ability of leptospirosis in dairy cattle in the southern region of the state.
Keywords: Leptospira spp, antibodies, bovine, Espírito Santo


anticorpos; bovino leiteiro; Espírito Santo; Leptospira spp; sorovares; antibodies; dairy cattle; Espírito Santo; Leptospira spp; serovars