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Effects of angiotensin II in the vascular system

Sílvia Manduca Trapp, Maria do Carmo Fernandez Vailati, Beatriz Bojikian Matsubara, Denise Saretta Schwartz


Angiotensin is an important peptide of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. This peptide has an important function on arterial blood pressure regulation and body fluid homeostasis. However, its action on abnormal conditions causes deleterious effects on the cardiovascular system. Vascular resistance, hypertension, vascular and myocytes hipertrophy, production of free radicals and pro-inflammatory substances are some of the actions of angiotensin II that can result on cardiovascular remodeling. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, angiotensin receptors antagonists, antiinflammatories and antioxidants are used clinically and/or experimentally to prevent or reduce the effects of angiotensin II. The purpose of this work is to review the actions and interactions of angiotensin II on the cardiovascular system, as well as the therapeutic measures employed for the control of these effects.


angiotensina II; coração; hipertensão; vasos sanguíneos; angiotensin II; blood vessels; heart; hypertension