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Electrocardiographic exam in Arabian horses submitted to exercise on high-speed treadmill and vitamin E supplementation

Leticia Andreza Yonezawa, Luciana Pereira Machado, Veridiana Fernandes da Silveira, Marcos Jun Watanabe, Mere Erika Saito, Sandra Satiko Kitamura, Aguemi Kohayagawa


The effect of physical exercise, training and vitamin E supplementation on electrocardiographic parameters was evaluated in eight untrained Arabian mares, divided into two groups: control (n=4) and supplemented with vitamin E (n=4) at the daily dose of 1.000 UI. Animals were submitted to an incremental exercise test (P1) on high-speed treadmill inclined +7%, after that to a training period of 20 days and later to a new incremental exercise test (P2). Analysis and interpretation of electrocardiographic tracings were performed regarding the rhythm, heart rate, duration and amplitude of waves and intervals, before, immediately after and 30 min after the incremental exercise. A reduction of the rest heart rate was observed after training. There was no effect of vitamin E supplementation on electrocardiographic parameters. Results indicated that the electrocardiogram was efficient in detention of cardiac alterations promoted by the physical exercise, but more studies are needed to elucidate its clinical meaning.


antioxidante; cavalo; eletrocardiograma; exercício físico; antioxidant; electrocardiogram; horse; physical exercise