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Duas idades distintas de matrizes e dois períodos de jejum pós-eclosão sobre a imunidade de frangos de corte

Fernando Sérgio de Castro Vargas, Tânia Baratto, Tânia Dello Monaco Martins Bona, Alex Maiorka, Elizabeth Santin


In this trial fertile eggs from two different flocks of breeders (aged 30 and 60 weeks) from the same commercial line were incubated under commercial conditions. After hatching, birds were feather-sexed and selected. Birds were allocated in four groups. Two of these groups were fed just after placement, while the other two were fed only after 12 hours of housed. Blood samples were collected weekly, starting at day one, and antibodies against Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis and Infectious Bursal Disease virus were measured. The effect of these two variables on the local reaction after a subcutaneous injection with an oil vaccine adjuvant, and the presence and severity of macroscopic lesions in the digestive system organs, at 19 and 30 days of age were also evaluated. The 12 hours fasting period had affected negatively only the Newcastle disease virus antibodies titles at 7 days of age. Both variables had no effect on the severity of macroscopic lesions in the respiratory system and in the digestive system at 19 and 30 days old.


antibodies; immune response;Newcastle; anticorpos; Newcastle; resposta imune