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Prolapsed third eyelid gland in dogs: cytologic and histopathologic evaluation

C V S Brandão, N S Rocha, J T T Ranzani, P A C Antunes, S R Torelli


The present experiment was carried
out in ten animals with third eyelid prolapsed gland.
All of the prolapsed glands were surgically excised.
The age of the dogs ranged from two month to
ten years old, and the breeds were Beagle (20%),
Teckel (10%), Pinscher (10%), Poodle (10%) and
other mongrel dogs. Aspirative citology was made
in all the removed glands, after that they were fi-
xed in 10% formalin and stained with Hematoxiline
and Eosine. It was observed a focal mononuclear
inflamatory infiltrate in the conjunctive and periacinal
tissues. Ductal dilatation and metaplasia were
noted on cells of the ducts. Cyitologic examination
showed similar inflamatory infiltrate to histopatologic
findings. The glands showed a chronic adenitis.
The absence of histo and cytologic significance
changes justify the tissue function observed during
surgical excision.


glândula de terceira pálpebra; cão; histopatologia; third eyelid gland; dog; histopathology