Interview with Prof. Dr. Paula Kalaja

Paula Kalaja, Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer, Bruna Pupatto Ruano, Francisco Calvo del Olmo, Tatyana Sheila Friedrich


Paula Kalaja, Professor Emerita (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), is one of the pioneers in the use of visual methods in Applied Language Studies, having inspired a range of graduates, post-graduates, and researchers around the world. Her research interests crisscross the use of visual methods, beliefs about languages, language teaching and language learning, and identity, with astonishing creativity and a visionary sense of research. The editors of the special issue “Visual methods in the research with plurilingual audiences: multidisciplinary perspectives” talked to her about how she sees the past, present and future of visual methods in research and teaching, across disciplinary fields, and during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


Visual Methods; Beliefs; Language Teaching

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ISSN: 1980-0614
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