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Biometric in brazilian criollo horse breed

M Kurtz Filho, H K Löf


In order to evaluate the biometric values of 2.054 - 866 males and 1.188 females - Brazilian native
horse breed,aging between 2 and 13 years old, height, chest girth and cannon bone girth measurements were
performed and analyzed. The horses were exposed at Esteio Horse Show Rio Grande do sul Brazil, for
confarmation e evaluation, during August 1993 to August 2002. The whole average were height 1.43m (0.02),
chest girth 1.79m (0.06) and cannon bone girth 0.20m (0.01); for males, and height 1.42m (0.02), chest girth
1.80m (0.05) and cannon bone girth 0.19m (0.01) for females.It has been observed that all the parameters are
within standard values from breeders associations besides an observed tendency for diminished height.


eqüinos crioulos; altura; perímetro; tórax; criollo horse; height; chest girth