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Physico-chemical properties of the neutral-detergent fiber from isolated and combined feeds



The neutral detergent fiber properties
of cation-exchange capacity (CTC), titrable acidity
(AT) and water-holding capacity (CH) from the maize
(M), soybean meal (FS), wheat straw (PT),
0.65M+0.35FS (MFS) and MFS diluted with 7,5, 15,
22,5 and 30 % PT were evaluated. The
determinations were performed in laboratory trials
using six replicates from the studied material. The
observed values for the three evaluated measures
decreased from FS to M and PT, but there was no
difference between M and PT for CH. The effect of
the dilution of MFS with PT was linear for AT,
quadratic for CH and cubic for the CTC. Only the AT
showed addictivity, showing to be a potentially useful
measure to predict the buffering capacity in the fiber
of composed feeds from its determination in the
isolated feeds.


capacidade tamponante; capacidade de troca catiônica; capacidade de hidratação; fibra em detergente neutro; aditividade; buffering capacity; cation-exchange capacity; water-holding capacity; neutral detergent fiber; addictivity