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Correlation between testicular biometry, age and the reproductive characteristics of Nelore bulls

Marcio Saporski Segui, Thais Angela Turra, Emanuel Faleiros, Romildo Romualdo Weiss, Luiz Ernandes Kozicki, Ivo Walter Santos


The aim of the present experiment was to establish an interrelationship between the testicular and spermatic biometry of young bulls for breeding. Twenty bulls of the Nelore bred, between 10 and 24 months were used. The animals a monthly measurement of the perimetral scrotum and vigor, motility and sperm concentration were submitted. During the experimental period bulls lived under pasturage conditions with mineral supplement. The experimental bulls were divided in two groups: G1 formed by 10 animals, aging from 10 to 18 months, and G2, also with 10 animals but aging 18,1 to 24 months. The evaluated reproductive parameters allowed conclude that both age and body development may exert influence on the studied reproductive characteristics. By comparison of both groups in regard to the age, it has been found that the animals from the G1 disclosed a superior testicular biometric development (p<0.001) than the bulls from the G2, the sperm concentration increased in G2, as they age increased (p<0.001). The vigor and the sperm motility did not affected by the age in the period.


biometria testicular; circunferência escrotal; espermograma; Nelore; vigor motilidade concentração espermáticas; Nellore bulls; scrotal circumference; testicular biometry; spermatic vigor motility concentration