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Efficiency of the aqueous extract Triticum vulgare in radiodermatitis treatment generated by the radiotherapy use in cats

Alexandre Lima de Andrade, Maria Cecília Rui Luvizotto, Silmara Sanae Sakamoto, Talita Floering Brêda Souza, Marco Antônio Rodrigues Fernandes


The use of ionizing radiation in the treatment of oncological diseases in veterinary medicine has grown in recent years. In general, these animals are very well tolerated treatment with radioactive elements; however, the harmful effects that may occur are not always able to be controlled, particularly those relating to skin burns. Then, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare in treat of 10 cats’ radiodermatitis with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which were treated with radiotherapy as single modality treatment. We used the drug topically and daily until complete healing of wounds. Based on the findings, it was found beneficial effects of the drug, because it allowed the formation of granulation tissue and epithelization of wounds with epidermal repair not exuberant, good-quality cosmetics and, considering the deleterious effects that can result from cancer treatments.


Triticum vulgare, queimaduras cutâneas, radioterapia, gatos.