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Reference values of the urea and creatinine in wild boar (Sus scrofa scrofa, LINNAEUS, 1758) raised in captivity.

Thais Helena Desjardins Bergonso, Simone Biagio Chiacchio, Roberto Calderon Gonçalves, Regina Kiomi Takahira, Danilo Otávio Laurenti Ferreira, Sandra Mara Rotter Curotto, Carla Maria Vela Ulian


In Brazil, the commercial breeding of wild boars (Sus scrofa scrofa) is rapidly expanding. Given the significance of reference values for biochemical analysis for diagnosis of pathological processes and the limitation of data in the literature on this species, Blood samples were collected for determination of biochemical values in 160 wild boars from 180 to 300 days old, clinically healthy farms confined in the State of São Paulo.  The reference range for creatinine can be considered within the normal range for swine. There were differences between genders, only for the determination of urea, where the males were higher, although similar to pigs.




bioquímica sérica; função renal; valores de referência; reference values; renal function; serum biochemistry