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Aujeszky’s Disease prevalence in Parana state between 2000 and 2009

Aglaci Tomporoski, Geraldo Camilo Alberton, Avani Tomporoski


Aujeszky's disease (AD) or pseudorabies is caused by a herpesvirus (HSV-1). AD affects many species of animals, with special relevance in swine production economy. The aim of this study was to demonstrate the prevalence of AD in certified pig-breeding farms (GRSC), commercial farms (GS), herds of wild boars (JA) and subsistence farms (CS) in the state of Parana. The study was conducted by Secretaria de Agricultura e do Abastecimento (SEAB-PR) and was divided in 3 stages: 1) GRSC serologic monitoring during 2000 to 2009, 2) Seroepidemiological survey in 283 counties in 2003, 3) Evaluation of reported outbreaks in the period of 2000-2009. The study showed that there were 21 outbreaks of AD in the period 2000-2009, 9 were identified after disease notification. Out of these 9, 5 occurred in the GS and 4 in CS. Seroepidemiological survey showed 11 outbreaks in 10 counties, 2 in the JA e 9 in CS. Sanitary measures were adopted in all outbreaks. We conclude that Parana state has low prevalence of DA, with higher incidence in wild boar farms and subsistence farms.


javali; herpes vírus suíno; pseudoraiva; suínos; HSV-1; pseudorabies; swine; wild boar