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Glomerular function in healthy and nephropathy dogs under dopaminergic stimulation

Alexandre Martini de Brum, Marileda Bonafim Carvalho, Marcy Lancia Pereira


Dopamine is an endogenous compound widely used in intensive care. It has a broad spectrum of action, on the cardiovascular system and urinary tract. Increased glomerular filtration rate, renal blood flow and fractional excretion of sodium and phosphorus are expected renal effects in normal individuals, but are poorly explored in veterinary medicine. This study was conducted to evaluate the glomerular function of dogs with renal disease submitted to continuous infusion of dopamine. Different doses of dopamine were administered in healthy and nephropathic dogs. Laboratory evaluations of creatinine clearance and urinary protein/creatinine ratio were performed during and after treatments. Creatinine clearance showed dose-dependent increase in healthy dogs. In dogs with renal disease, the dose of 1μg/kg/min GFR increased slightly, without changing the urine P/C and blood pressure, while the dose of 3μg/kg/min increased urinary protein excretion.


cão; dopamina; insuficiência renal crônica; proteinúria; taxa de filtração glomerular