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Veterinary Pharmacovigilance and the Human Health: a review of selected adverse drug reaction reporting programs to veterinary drugs

Maria Alice Fusco, Catia Verônica dos Santos Oliveira, Vera Lucia Edais Pepe


Drug safety profile is an important theme throughout the world. Recently, it has gained importance in the field of veterinary medicines. In Brazil, Ministry of Agriculture Portaria SDA 152/2008 submits to the public consultation the draft of a National Program of Veterinary Pharmacovigilance. Taking into consideration the health risk to exposed human beings, the objectives of this paper are: characterization of veterinary pharmacovigilance and its usefulness for the Public Health, the description of established veterinary pharmacovigilance programs from the United States of America, the European Union and the United Kingdom, and the analysis of the Brazilian Program of veterinary pharmacovigilance draft.


medicina veterinária; saúde pública; vigilância epidemiológica; vigilância sanitária; vigilância de produtos comercializados; epidemiologic surveillance; health surveillance; postmarketing surveillance; public health; veterinary medicine