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Contrast media-induced nephrotoxicity in uninephrectomized and dehydrated female wistar rats

Valéria Cristina da Rocha Campos, Janaína L.M. Vimeney, Felipe Lopes Campos, Ana Maria Reis Ferreira, Maria Lúcia Ribeiro Caldas, Heloísa Werneck de Macedo


The present study evaluated renal injury induced by contrast media diatrizoate and lopamidol in uninephrectomized and dehydrated female wistar rats. 22 female Wistar rats were divided into four groups according to the treatment performed: GI – Saline (n=5), GII – Sham (n=5), GIII – diatrizoate (n=5) and GIV – Lopamidol (n=7). The effects induced by contrast media were evaluated by seric levels of creatinine and by descriptive and semi-quantitative renal histopathology. There was no difference in renal function 3 hours after administration of diatrizoate and lopamidol.  Proximal tubular cells vacuolization was proeminent (3+) in lopamidol and diatrizoate group. Therefore, according to renal function evaluation, low-osmolar contrast media was so nephrotoxic as the high-osmolar one.


creatinina sérica; diatrizoato; fêmea; histopatologia; lopamidol; rato; diatrizoate; female; histophatology; lopamidol; rat; serum creatinine