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Metabolism of non-structural carbohydrates in ruminants

Gil Ignácio Lara Cañizares, Luciana Rodrigues, Marleide Costa Cañizares


The carbohydrates provide 50 to 80% of the dry matter of grain and roughage and can bedivided into structural (cellulose, hemicellulose) and non-structural (starch, pectin andsugars). The non-structural carbohydrates are primarily digested in the rumen and itsdynamic process is a sequence for the supply of nutrients to the intestine. The quality andquantity of products resulting from ruminal fermentation are dependent on the type andactivity of microorganisms in the rumen influenced by the type of food processing and thatare subject of cereal grains that make up the diet. The NSC escape of rumen fermentationto be digested into glucose in the small intestine by pancreatic enzymes of origin (α-amylase) and intestinal mucosa (maltase and isomaltase). Starch is the most importantenergy supplier of cereals, which are important components of diets for intensiveproduction of milk and meat.


amido; digestão de carboidratos; fermentação ruminal; glicose; pectina; carbohydrates digestion; glucose; pectin; ruminal fermentation; starch