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Profile of producers faces vaccination against infectious diseases that causes abortion in cattle of municipality Alegre/ES, Brazil

kelvinson fernandes viana, Marcos Santos Zanini


The health of the herd takes a role of great importance in whatever operating system. Actions such as prevention against new diseases, reduction of exposure to diseases of the herd and increasing the resistance level of the herd, which helps the immune system of cattle get sufficient conditions to function properly. The prevention of infectious diseases as causes of abortion, brucellosis, leptospirosis, campylobacteriosis, tricomonosis, neosporosis, IBR and BVD, it is crucial to the owner achieve success in your production system. This study aimed to verify the knowledge of producers of dairy cattle in front of vaccination against infectious cause of abortion in cattle as well the risk of some zoonotic diseases. A total of 30 properties were visited and the owners submitted a questionnaire about their knowledge of diseases in cattle abortion, as well as programs for vaccination of cattle against diseases mentioned above. It was yielding the following results: 12 properties vaccinated against brucellosis, being among them, 2 vaccinated against leptospirosis, the 18 remaining properties were not vaccinate against any of the diseases, 2 owners were aware that all diseases caused abortion and 28 owners knew that only the brucellosis caused abortion. The lack of information from farmers is still an obstacle on the health of the cattle, but need encouragement to disseminate necessary information so that they can use them, helping to increase the quality of the final product.


aborto; campilobacteriose; leptospirose; neosporose; tricomonose; abortion; campylobacteriosis; leptospirosis; neosporosis; tricomonosis