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Quality of black oat and ryegrass submitted to different heights of grazing collected by hand-plucking

Ricardo Guimarães Piazzetta, João Ricardo Dittrich, Sergio José Alves, Anibal de Moraes, Sebastião Brasil Campos Lustosa, Tatiana Louise Gazda, Helen Aline Melo, Alda Lúcia Gomes Monteiro


This trial aimed to evaluate the nutritive value of black oat and ryegrass pasture submitted to differentheights of grazing. The study was carried out in Experimental Farm from Cooperativa AgropecuariaMourãoense – COAMO in Campo Mourão city, Paraná State, Brazil. Experimental area corresponded to 8ha, with randomized blocks design, with four treatments, which corresponded to four heights of pasture: 7,14, 21, 28 cm and two replications. Samples were collected by hand-plucking. Average values of crudeprotein were 23,8%; 21,8%; 20,8% and 20,9% for 7; 14; 21 and 28 cm, respectively. The crude proteincontents presented quadratic response to height of pasture. Quantities of acid detergent fiber (ADF) were25,5%; 28,0%; 27,2% e 26,0% for 7; 14; 21 and 28 cm, respectively. Values of neutral detergent fiber (NDF)were 58,5%; 62,2%; 59,7% e 60,5% for 7; 14; 21 and 28 cm treatments, respectively. The quantity of ADFand NDF did not show statistic difference between heights of grazing.


FDA; FDN; proteína bruta; NDF; ADF; crude protein