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Grain corn and ground corn in the feed of brown laying hens in the phase of growth



With the objective to evaluate the effect particles size of the corn in the feed and the supplement of hails in the performance of brown laying hens during the phase of growth, were used 420 Hy Line Brow pullets created on bed during 8th and 17th weeks of age, which will receive daily food and controlled, distributed in 5 treatments in a randomized design with 6 replications. The treatments constituted of the ground corn with geometrical average diameter (AGM) of 664,64 m; ground corn with 1.255 m of AGM;  ground corn with 3.209 m of AGM; grain corn and grain corn with supplement of hails with 3.560 m of AGM. Evaluated the weight game (g) and viability (%) between 8th and 17th weeks; the weight (g) and uniformity (%) in the 17th week. Corn with different particles size can be used in the food of brow laying hens during the phase of growth. The grain corn in the feed increase the weight and the weight game with reduces the uniformity. The viability there no affect. There is no advantage in the supplement of hails when the grain corn is supplied.


galinhas; granulometria; milho; partícula; poedeiras