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Genetic distances between Nelore bulls from Mato Grosso do Sul, by multivariate analysis techniques

A B S Bello, P B Ferraz Filho, L O C Silva, J C Souza, M N Muniz


The objective of this study was to
evaluate the genetic divergence, among sires of the
race Nellore from Mato Grosso do Sul State, with
available semen in head quarters Insemination, the
evaluations were done using multivariate analysis
between expected progeny differences of productive
and reproductive traits. Dissimilarity measures were
obtained through the Eclidian standardized averages
distances, being the largest dissimilarity among the
bulls (3.4409) and the largest similarity among the
sires with approximate value of 0.3048 of distance.
Three groups of reproducers with the same similarity
pattern were obtained by the Tocher technique of
grouping. Scores of principal components were
estimates and the dispersion graphs were done.
According to the principal components, three of
them explained 79.43% of the total variances; the
first explained 48.93%, the second answered for
18.11% and the third for 12.39% of the variance. The
estimates of genetic divergence give possibility to
define sires dissimilarity that can produce significant
gain in regard to of the heterotic effects originated
from matings among their progenies.


análise multivariada; dissimilaridade; divergência genética; similaridade; Multivariate analysis; dissimilarity; genetic divergence; similarities