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Production and Management of Solid Health Service Waste in the Veterinary Hospital at UFPR

L D Roeder-Ferrari, J M Andriguetto Filho, M V Ferrari


Health service wastes (RSS) means
any waste which is generated in the diagnosis,
treatment, or immunization of human beings or
animals, in research, or in the production of testing
biological, including veterinary clinics and hospitals.
In this study, an evaluation of heath service waste
generation and management was carried out at the
Veterinary Hospital of Federal University of Parana
(UFPR). According to the results, it has been
verified that the steps in the internal management
of the RSS did not agree with the valid legislative
guidelines, and the handlers of these wastes had
not the knowledge of the minimal guidance to
manage it. If the hospital adopted the protocol of the
Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA)
for classification and segregation of RSS, 58% of his RSS may be handled as general solid waste and
did not require special handling or treatment.


health service wastes; veterinary wastes; waste management; Resíduos de serviços de saúde; resíduos veterinários; manejo de resíduos