Contribution to the internationalization process of UFPR

AVS is collaborating on the internationalization of UFPR. To reach out to an international audience, we will publish articles in English and Portuguese according to strict scientific rules and adhere to high educational standards and ethical values. As part of the federal educational system, UFPR serves the Brazilian people in meeting the needs of a fast-paced complex society. Moreover, UFPR is also open to students from abroad, contributing to our multicultural and diverse scene. The internationalization process of UFPR is giving a new global perspective to our students and the AVS is happy to be part of this construction, strengthening our high-quality education. Through the wide variety of articles, students become better professionals who value knowledge, empathy, and understanding. Brazil is a multicultural nation and our objective at UFPR is to motivate international students to come for a global-level education.