We communicated to the authors, collaborators of the CEPPA Bulletin, the changes made in Editora's strategic planning to guarantee its permanence and the increase of the visibility of the published periodicals. The set of administrative actions foresees the internationalization of the CEPPA Bulletin, with repercussions in its editorial policy. Papers forwarded for publication in English will have priority over the others. We accept articles in English, but two lists of articles (organized by date of sending and language) will be elaborated to compose the agenda of publication of the next issues of the Bulletin. From 2018, only 5 articles will be published in Portuguese by number and in 2019, all articles must be submitted in English. Authors who are awaiting the evaluation of their submitted articles and who are interested may contact the publisher and submit the updated English version without any change in the submission date so that they can go to the priority list of articles.

We suggest that researchers submit revised work on language correction in any language to avoid raising the costs of journal production.

The CEPPA Bulletin, aligned with the criteria that guarantee the credibility of journals, has been indexed for several years in the most prestigious international indexing systems in the areas it covers. The efforts of Editora and the editorial staff will be directed to the increase of the impact factor of the publication, and for this we count with the support of the community and especially of the newspaper's collaborators. In this year 2017, despite our efforts there were no resources for the publication of the printed numbers. Only the online version is available.