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3D reconstruction of building using Laser Scanner data airborne

Mosar Faria Botelho, Jorge Antonio Silva Centeno


A building can be reconstructed from its roof, which can be defined by some
parameters like orientation, height, ridges and contours. In many models for
building extraction, using Laser scanner raw data, plants are requested to accomplish the precise location of building contours. The purpose of this study is to
present a method for building reconstruction using Laser scanner data. For this, the
2D Hough transform is applied to the Laser data, represented as a raster image, to
find the borders of the roof. Then, the planes that model the roof are estimated and
the form of the roof is derived. The method proved to be efficient in building
modeling. In the pre-processing step, the Hough transform and thinning were used
to estimate the borders of the buildings. The method to find the planes of the roof is
effective and consists of looking for three points that define each plane of the roof.
The ridge lines are got by intersecting these planes.


Reconstrução 3D de edificações; Laser scanner aerotransportado; 3D reconstruction of building; Laser Sacanner data airborne