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Orthorectification Of High Resolution Satellite Images by mean of Affine Projection Model and Rational Polynomial Coefficients ModelNos últimos anos tem-se pesquisado vastamente sobre a precisão absoluta das

Patricia de Castro Pedro, Alzir Fellipe Buffara Antunes, Edson A. Mitishita


Absolute positional precision of high resolution image has been studied recently.
The improvement of methods and techniques of extraction of information has been
developed focusing mathematical models for ortho-rectification and 3D
composition of high resolution images. Among the promising ‘alternative’ sensor
orientation models investigated has been an approach based on affine projection.
This paper briefly summarizes the theory and validity of the affine model as configured for application to sensor orientation and geopositioning . The results of
experiments with one Ikonos Stereo and Quickbird (Standard) has provided a
comparison of mathematical model APM (Affine Projection Model) and the
Functional Rational model (RFM – Rational Function Model).


Ortoretificação de imagens; Imagens de alta resolução; tho-retification images; High resolution images.