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Commented list of diurnal mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) occurring in forested areas of the state of Paraná, southern Brazil

Allan Martins da Silva, Demilson Rodrigues dos Santos, Ademar Rodrigues dos Santos, Edilson Colhera Cristóvão, Valmir Ortiz da Silva, Adão Celestino Ferreira, Rimar Pires, Claudomiro Postai, José Antonio Coelli, Betina Westphal-Ferreira, Mário Antônio Navarro da Silva


This study was conducted to determine the composition and distribution of anthropophilic diurnal mosquitos in forest environments in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil. Mosquitoes were collected between April 2004 and June 2006, in the remnant forests of rural and urban areas of 37 municipalities. A total of 15 genera and 121 species, or groups of species. The largest number of species, or groups of species, belonged to Wyeomyia (32 species or morphospecies), followed by Sabethes (20), Aedes (15) and Anopheles (13) genera. The results are discussed and compared with other entomological surveys conducted in Paraná. Several species collected are potential vectors of infectious agents to humans.

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