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Nader Zali, Arezoo Tajiik, Mastooreh Gholipour


Recently, urban planning is attending to make cities more sustainable. This goal can be achieved easier in new towns, because the base of creating a sustainable city is prepared. Sustainability is important for creating immanent and viable urban areas for their residents. New towns have a specific place in Iranian urbanism because the methods of urban planning could realize through these settlements. New town of Andisheh is one of these settlements. It has been built at 20 km of southwest of Tehran in order to absorbing extra population of Tehran and Karaj. In this research, in order to study the sustainability of Andishe, the resources of sustainability are studied and factors and indicators are extracted. Then according to theses indicators, this city is introduced and its physical sustainability has been studied. This research is an analytical-descriptive research and its analytical part is based on AHP method. In this research, this method has been run by using the software of Expert Choice. AHP uses dual approaches -quantitative and qualitative-in analyzing data. In this project, physical sustainability consists of factors such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, land use, form and morphology, density, vision and urban landscape. The results show that although Andishe is a planed city, based on planning thoughts and principles but physical sustainability of this city is low.


AHP; Andisheh; Physical sustainability; New Towns; Urban Planning

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