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The Dynamics of Locational Patterns of Brazilian Manufacturing industry in 2012

Rafaella Vignandi, Tomás Torezani, José Luiz Parré


The purpose of this paper is to present and analyze the spatial distribution of the Krugman’s specialization index and Gini’s concentration index in relation to the sectors of manufacturing industry, of the 558 Brazilian’s micro-regions in the year of 2010. The used variable consists in the use of formal divisions that compounds the manufacturing industry. In order to detect the spatial patterns of indicators of interest behavior, corroborating, or not with the influence of the environment and space on them, spatial econometrics has been applied. The values of the global Moran's I of the two indexes imply the rejection of the null hypothesis of absence of spatial autocorrelation. Thus, there are also clusters of well-defined High-High and Low-Low patterns, and a lower number of High-Low and High-Low patterns. The obtained results allow the identification of micro-regions that showed a highly specialized productive structure and others with a high degree of diversification.


Krugman’s specialization index; Gini’s concentration index; clusters

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