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A procedure for assessing the thermal reemission effects on CBERS 04A

Luiz Danilo Damasceno Ferreira, Rodolpho Vilhena de Moraes


Thermal reemission affects satellite orbits when a recoil force results from the emission of radiation from the satellite surface. In this study, the analysis of the thermal reemission force on the satellite is made separately, that is, when the satellite (CBERS 04A’s main body and the solar panels) are hit by the sunlight and when the satellite is into the shadow. Thus, it is presented an expression in an exponential form in order to explain the behavior of the perturbation due to thermal reemission on the panels when they are inside the Earth’s shadow. Both the time spent into the shadow and the relaxation time of the solar panels allowed an analysis of the behavior of the disturbing acceleration and of the orbital elements, during cooling and heating processes. The results presented in this study are promising in terms of practical applications.

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