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Tridimensional Interative Cartographic Representation Study: A Study Of Visual Variable Color In VRML Environment

Juliana Moulin Fosse, Luis Augusto Koenig Veiga


This article presents a study about Cartography and Virtual Reality, approaching a new area in cartography, which is the construction of three-dimensional and interactive models with cartographic ends. For such, a theoretical study on the subject was made, since this is still a searched area little explored. Later, a threedimensional
model was generated, in VRML, of the Polytechnic Center of UFPR
campus, in order to study one of the most outstanding visual variables: the color. In its three dimensions (hue, value and saturation), this variable was applied to the model, to represent nominal and ordinal data, like it occurs in the plain cartography.
Finally, these models had been housed in an html site, allowing the users to have access to it through the Internet. With the gotten results there are some preliminary conclusions. However, for other findings it becomes necessary some tests to be made with the users, considering the accomplishment of future works.


Representação Cartográfica Tridimensional; Cor; VRML; Three-dimensional Cartographic Representation; Color