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Technologic Innovation and the Cartographic Engineer´s Work Market

João Fernando Custódio da Silva, Igor Rasteiro de Oliveira Santos


The article focuses on the presence of the technologic innovation and the surveyed current conditions of the cartographic engineer´s work market. The methodology is based on forms with objective questions answered by the professionals. The current survey is the fourth one starting in 1995 and the first one with on line forms filled out by the Brazilian Association of Cartographic Engineers – São Paulo Section’s web page. The sample was made up with 141 engineers and it revealed numbers that confirm the growing visibility and social recognition of the Brazilian cartographic engineer, although still far from the condition consistent with the
territorial extension and the importance of Cartography for the country. The survey shows that the monthly average revenues are of approximately fifteen minimum wages; that the sample has only 13% of employers, although it is the highest percentage among all surveys; that 63 professionals cited 127 times that their
organizations are related to technologic innovation at a proportion of two citations per organization; that 69% of the sample are optimists concerned to the future. Other important pieces of information to students and professionals will also be
discussed in the article.


Engenharia Cartográfica; mercado de trabalho; inovação tecnológica; Cartographic Engineering; work market; technologic innovation