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GPS/INS integration by using inertial sensors based upon minielectromecanic systems (MEMS)

Sandro Reginato Soares Lima


The need of acquisition of great volumes of positioning information
has been driving the research in the direction of the integration of measurement
systems for the time and cost optimization of the geodetic surveying. The
GPS/INS integration search for this optimization, but it faces challenges related
to the high acquisition cost and development of instruments. Besides that,
specific computing developments are required to several applications Therefore
in this work a somewhat straightforward methodology to the use of GPS/INS
integration to the evaluation of MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)
Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) is proposed. Nowadays, such MEMS devices
can be considered of low cost and they represent an accessible approach for the
research. Although the levels of performance of such systems are still
inadequate for the most of the geodetic applications, the procedures developed
here can be used when MEMS inertial sensors with satisfactory performance
will be available. In this work high precision sensor measurements are used to
establish references to the MEMS sensors measurements. This thesis work
shows that the MEMS devices are currently suitable for the low cost geodetic
instrumentation research. Consequently, it is related to the directives of current
strategic researches that try to turn accessible new methodologies and
technologies for the geodesic positioning.