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Cartometric evaluation of digital cartographic database suitable for urban management by means of cartographic generation from 1:2000 original scale

Virginia Thereza Nalini


This dissertation presents PARANACIDADEs cartographic products
as well as the cartographic problems existing in the municipalities urban digital
databases. These problems are due to the scale reduction of the derived maps for
1/5.000 scale. The derived maps can be affected by geometric and semantic
problems if they have smaller scale than the original one. The geometric
conditions that can be perceived in the represented features are congestion,
coalescence, conflict, complication or difficulty, inconsistency and
imperceptibility. This way, it is necessary to evaluate and review the features
representation for the derived map, taking into account cartographic
generalization concepts, in such a way to adapt it to the new representation
scale. The evaluation carried out in the cartographic database in 1/5.000 scale
contributes to the understanding of visual representations in cartography. The
evaluation of the derived 1/5.000 map is made visually and for each detected
geometric condition a manual generalization procedure is executed. This
approach is based on user understanding of the graphically represented features.
As a result, to apply the geometric evaluation and cartographic generalization
procedures gave rise to a cartographic product closer to the 1/5.000 scale map