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Using traversing techniques for monitoring points at dam inspection galleries: a case study at Salto Caxias Dam

Carlos Alberto Zocollotii Filho


As dams are subjected to potential risks, constant monitoring is
indicated to avoid disasters. Thus, monitoring these structures is specially
important. Specific instruments, as extensometers and pendulums, are installed
in the dam during its construction; however the analysis of their measurements
only allows discriminating located situations, or relative displacements between
given points. Several geodetic techniques can also be applied to monitor their
etructures. This work presents a methodology for monitoring poitns in dam
inspection galleries using traversing techniques. Our objective is to develop a
methodology to monitor these points using precise traverses, to present systems
for data process and collection, as well as to developed instruments for this
aplication, such as: adaptable devices for forced centering into galleries and
specific systems to improve the quality of angular sight. As a case study we
show a traverse projected for monitoring located poitns in the inpection
galleries of Salto Caxias U. H., in the municipality of Capitão Leônidas
Marques, Paraná.