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Stablishing a geodetic network for monitoring structures: a case study at Salto Caxias Dam

Daniel Carvalho Granemann


The control instrumentation of dams are very important to monitore
this structure because problems with the dams can represent economical damages, enviromental problems in the worst lost of human lives. The main
objective of this work is to stablish a geodetic network for monitoring the Salto
Caxias Dam, develop methodologies collect data in the field and present away
to process the data. In this work different techniques of survey were applied,
such as: triangulations, trilaterations, precision geometric levelling and GPS
(Global Positioning System) observation, each one with a specific aim inside in
the monitoring project. A net with four control points were projected and
stablished in the region of the dam, and the point coordinates were defined in
different periods of time. The data collected in the surveying campaigns were
processing using the least squares principles using the Coordinate Variation
Method and it were also applied Data Snooping Test for the detection of
blunders, considering that this network will be the reference to monitore the