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Calibration of prisms by using total reflection as in reflector tape and acrylic one and their apllication in the monitoring of structure displacement

Luisnei Martini


The present work presents a study about the calibration of prisms that
use the principle of total reflection (reflector tape and acrylic one) and the
application of these in the monitoring of structures displacements. Were
determined the constants of these reflectors, the maximum rotation angles of
these in relation to the collimation line and the variation in the size of targets
reflector tape done with as a function of the distance between the total station
and the point of interest. All the studies were carried through in two distinct
environments: The Laboratório de Instrumentação Geodésica (LAIG) and the
Linear Base for Calibration of Total Stations, located in the Cangüiri Farm, that
belongs to Univerdsidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR). Its important to stand out
that all the experiments had as standard for the comparison of the results, the
Laser Interferometer HP 5518A, available in the LAIG and the LEICA GPH1P
prism, with the reflector constant equal to 0 mm. For the evaluation of the use
of these prisms in the monitoring of structures displacements, a set of points
locate in the Salto Caxias Dam ( in the Capitão Leônidas Marques city, Paraná
state) were monitored in diferents epochs using it total station ELTA S20. It
were analyzed the question of the durability of the reflector tapes when exposed
to atmospheric conditions.