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The application of GPS bathymetric tidal reduction in hydrographic surveys



The need of integration between bathymetric data and vertical ashore information is increasing. From this perspective, several solutions are presented for the adoption of a Global Vertical Reference, stable enough to overcome the problems arising from
the spatial and temporal variation of the Chart data. The advent of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)  technology has directly contributed to this effect, showing an improvement in the accuracy of their position solutions, thus opening the possibility for vertical control of hydrographic surveys by using high precision GPS methods. Following this global trend, a test application of the tidal reduction through GPS was performed for the first time in Brazil, in Guanabara Bay (RJ). This work discusses the main advantages of GPS for vertical control, such as the elimination of errors arising from the vertical dynamic changes of draft and heave effect, and its application in survey, in accordance with the  international quality, and the possibility of removing ashore tide gauges during conventional surveys.


Batimetria; Marés; Sistemas GPS RTK.