Performance review of scan and besag and newell methods to identify spatial clusters of dengue in JoãoPpessoa city between january 2004 and december 2005



The identification of the best spatial cluster methodology in epidemiological studies from those results is possible to define prevention and effective policies in public health to combat diseases, such as dengue. In this paper, it was made a comparative analysis of circular Scan method to that one proposed by Besag and Newell by using data of dengue notifications from João Pessoa, Brazil. To perform this study, monthly data were aggregated by neighborhood for the years 2004 and 2005. After application, it was observed for both methods detected clusters mainly in the northern and the southeastern regions of the city, but the northern region included the biggest number of neighborhoods during all period. To compare both methods, it was used a particular modification on Besag and Newell’s method. The Scan method detected high and low risk clusters, but modified Besag and Newell’s method identified high risk clusters only and performed that with more accuracy. 


Dengue; Identificação de Conglomerados Espaciais; Método Scan; Método de Besag e Newell.

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